Running Order For Underage Presentation Night - Marian Hall 7pm Nov 29th

Tonight is the night we celebrate the achievements and successes of all young players from last season. Every team will be introduced on the night, with each of the non-competitive teams having a 'most improved player of the year award' and each of the competitive teams having a 'Player of the Year' award.

The full running order for the evening is shown below.

  • Welcome Address by Geoff Liffey
  • Non-Competitive teams presentations - presented by Johnny Corboy
  • Special Recognition Award - presented by Andy Murphy
  • Eamon Pardy Award - presented by The Pardy Family
  • Regional Awards Recognition - Introduced by John Cahill
  • Competitive Team Medals - presented by Isabel Ryan

All team & individual photographs will be taken in the side-area room area to the left of the main stage. 

We hope you enjoy the evening.